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Kimihiro Watanuki can see spirits and other assorted supernatural creatures, which is quite a bothersome ability he strongly dislikes. On the way home one day, while plagued by some spirits, he is inexplicably compelled to enter a strange house. There, he encounters Yuuko, a mysterious woman who claims to be able to rid him of the ability to see and attract the troublesome creatures—for a price. She demands that he work at her "store" that grants wishes to people, and thus begins Watanuki's adventures through weird and wonderful events.

Score: 7.98 out of 10
xxxHOLiC: If you're gonna have great happiness, it requires great effort in exchange, that's called compensation. For the good things in life, there are the bad. For the bad things in life, there are always the good. In order for you to be happy, you must be willing to accept a burden of a equal amount of unhappiness in exchange as your payment. The more you achieve, the greater the demands will be placed upon you in return.
xxxHOLiC: Sincerity with respect to yourself! No matter what your objective... no matter who you are... if you are going to do something or not do something, that is a promise to yourself. And the one who keeps the promise, or breaks the promise, is you. No one else can be burdened with holding you to a promise that's made to yourself.
xxxHOLiC: No matter how small the problem is, how small the thing is, it always affects the people around you.
xxxHOLiC: There's no such thing as a coincidence in this world. What does exist is only the inevitable.
xxxHOLiC: Normal? What's normal? To only do what the masses do? And what is the benefit of that? Where is the problem in adopting a custom that is "abnormal" if it has no negative effect on the world at large?
xxxHOLiC: No matter how unimportant the meeting... how small the outcome... it will always have some later effect on you. It can be the smallest of things. It can be the shortest of moments. It may never be remembered. It may have never been recorded. But a bond of fate never disappears once tied.
xxxHOLiC: If you believe it was destined to happen it is most likely to happen, if you believe nothing has been decided then most likely nothing has been decided.
xxxHOLiC: Mysterious things are everywhere. So bizarre as often as you can hear of them. Without witness, with sight unseen, without a care it is simply a phenomenon. Merely not of concern. In this world, mankind itself has its own fantastic wonders.
xxxHOLiC: Good and bad are human concepts, so something that is not human cannot be classified as neither good nor bad.