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1.) "It's not bad to dream. But you need to face reality." 2.) "Before we knew it, paranormal became normal." 3.) "The reason I laught is to distract myself from the pressure of being a Hero and my inner fears." -All Might 4.) "My Quirk was passed on to me like a sacred torch." -All […] Read More

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18.) "I can forget all of my problems when I'm reading." - Hatori Chise 17.) "Do something about your misguided common sense!" 16.) "Acquiring knowledge is good, but you need experience as well" - Elias Ainsworth 15.) "I hope I have a book you might like. Or, should I say, a book that likes you?" […] Read More

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"If you wish, I could breathe more quietly." [Oscar talking about his daughter] "I really, really wanted you to not have died. I had wanted you to live... to live and grow up." "Master is... such a troublesome person." [Oscar's friend talking to him] "Violet Evergarden, doesn’t talk much, but she has the power to […] Read More

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16.) "I am the lightning." 15.) "The void within a person's heart can only be filled by the people close to them." 14.) "I will die for Konoha." 13.) "A ninja must see underneath the underneath." 12.) [to Naruto] "I believe that you're the only one who can surpass the 4th Hokage." 11.) [to Sasuke] […] Read More

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15.) "I am not your salvation." 14.) "Ninjas from the Hidden Village of the Sand aren't trained to save, we are trained to kill." 13.) "I am one with the sand. I am everywhere." 12.) "Killing is the only thing I know. And I'm really good at it." 11.) "Desert Coffin!" [sabaku sousou] 10.) "I'll […] Read More

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"He's so creepy. I can hardly tell if he's alive or dead." "Angelo, starting now, you and I are brothers. And we will always be." "Walk forward with purpose. The faster you rush out, the more likely you are to trip and fall." "And then, as the cliche goes, I went on to become a […] Read More

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Fox... you're next."Hmph... You are nothing but inferior life forms after all." Naruto: You're no person... you are just a monster. Ootsutsuki: Oh the irony. If we're talking about monsters, then that makes two of us. "Never had it occurred to me that the form of the chakra we seek would change into that of […] Read More

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I never intended on staying an ordinary person to begin with. After all... I am... a ninja. "My talent is on a completely different level than that old dad of mine!" "I don't give a damn about fate or curses. Whatever's gonna try to stop me from my ninja way, go ahead and give me […] Read More

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"I'll walk my own path." "Let me just tell you this right off the bat. This isn't the story of a boy aspiring to be Hokage. That was my father's story." "The Hidden Leaf Village is getting more and more modern." "Fighting isn't the only duty of a ninja." "This is my story!" "Yes. I […] Read More

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"I guess they weren't exaggerating when they called you a binge eater." "That lusciously alluring taste... Just one bite, and you'll be instantly hooked." "I'm not the one who's wrong. What's wrong... is the world." "I've been told to take you back alive. But you know... Before I do that, I think I'll help myself […] Read More