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The World Is Still Beautiful

In the Sun Kingdom, sunshine is part of its citizens' everyday lives, and rain is something that they have never even heard of. However, in a faraway land called the Rain Dukedom, the weather is reversed, and everybody has the power to create rain with their voices. Livius Ifrikia has conquered the entire world and expanded the Sun Kingdom's influence in the three short years since he was crowned king. Upon learning about the powers to create rain, Livius decides to marry Nike Remercier, one of the princesses of the Rain Dukedom. However, those outside the Sun Kingdom have spread a rumor that Livius is a cruel, ruthless, and tyrannical ruler, and as word reaches the princess, she begins to prepare herself for the worst. But when she finally meets her fiancé, Nike discovers that he is an entirely different person from what she originally expected.

Score: 7.60 out of 10
The World Is Still Beautiful: You own the world, but you've never looked at any of it. What a waste.
The World Is Still Beautiful: The rain, the wind, the sun... you bring them all with you. Every time our eyes meet. You bring the world to me.
The World Is Still Beautiful: The sun may be wonderful but can you live on that alone? We all live because of the wind, the clouds, and the rain. They're not things you can throw out just because they're temporarily inconvenient, right?
The World Is Still Beautiful: Any harm that comes to me because of you is harm that I need. I want to share your pain. So I want you to let me fight. With you.
The World Is Still Beautiful: I don't need some ring or some throne! If it means that I won't lose you... I would throw everything away!
The World Is Still Beautiful: What you need are feelings and experiences. The feelings of the person seeking the rain must be in concert with those of the person making it.