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Tenshi Nanka ja Nai

Thanks to first-year Midori Saejima's positive attitude, her fellow Hijiri Academy students affectionately nickname her "Angel," and she soon becomes a candidate in the student council elections. However, Midori's perfect plan for the debate falls apart when she trips on her way off the stage, exposing her underpants to the entire school. To Midori's rescue comes rival candidate Akira Sudou—the boy that Midori has liked ever since witnessing the kind and caring nature he hides behind his intimidating looks. Shortly after, the two are elected to the council, where they must start preparing for the upcoming school festival. In their busy and lively days, Midori's love only deepens as she attempts to get closer to Akira, but pieces of his mysterious past hold him back from fully opening up to her.

Score: 6.14 out of 10
Tenshi Nanka ja Nai: When I look up, I see a gloomy, cloudy sky. Today is another tiring uphill climb. I get sick of it all. Then... I think of the girl I love, and I put back on those worn down shoes. Her smile is like a ray of light that shines down from in between the clouds and warms up my heart. My girl has the smile of an angel.