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Sword Art Online II

A year after escaping Sword Art Online, Kazuto Kirigaya has been settling back into the real world. However, his peace is short-lived as a new incident occurs in a game called Gun Gale Online, where a player by the name of Death Gun appears to be killing people in the real world by shooting them in-game. Approached by officials to assist in investigating the murders, Kazuto assumes his persona of Kirito once again and logs into Gun Gale Online, intent on stopping the killer. Once inside, Kirito meets Sinon, a highly skilled sniper afflicted by a traumatic past. She is soon dragged in his chase after Death Gun, and together they enter the Bullet of Bullets, a tournament where their target is sure to appear. Uncertain of Death Gun's real powers, Kirito and Sinon race to stop him before he has the chance to claim another life. Not everything goes smoothly, however, as scars from the past impede their progress. In a high-stakes game where the next victim could easily be one of them, Kirito puts his life on the line in the virtual world once more.

Score: 6.71 out of 10
Sword Art Online II: It's better not to look for more meaning than there is in a name. You'll lose sight of a lot more than you notice.
Sword Art Online II: God would never put us through all this suffering if he didn't think we could bear it.
Sword Art Online II: If it's just a game, at least be brave enough to run towards the guns and die!
Sword Art Online II: Sometimes you have to fight to get your point across.
Sword Art Online II: Because of my last moments are such fulfillment. I can end my journey surrounded by so many people, in the arms of the person I love. I... I did my best to live, I lived here.
Sword Art Online II: You did it because you had to protect someone else. In medicine, there are times when you must pick who lives and who dies. Of course, that doesn't mean it's okay to kill someone if you have a good reason. But everyone involved has the right to consider the lives they saved. You have the right. You have the right to save yourself, by thinking of the people you've saved.
Sword Art Online II: I don't even know the real names of the two... no, three that I killed back then. I just close my eyes, put my hands over my ears and tried to forget it all.