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Eccentric scientist Rintarou Okabe has a never-ending thirst for scientific exploration. Together with his ditzy but well-meaning friend Mayuri Shiina and his roommate Itaru Hashida, Rintarou founds the Future Gadget Laboratory in the hopes of creating technological innovations that baffle the human psyche. Despite claims of grandeur, the only notable "gadget" the trio have created is a microwave that has the mystifying power to turn bananas into green goo. However, when Rintarou decides to attend neuroscientist Kurisu Makise's conference on time travel, he experiences a series of strange events that lead him to believe that there is more to the "Phone Microwave" gadget than meets the eye. Apparently able to send text messages into the past using the microwave, Rintarou dabbles further with the "time machine," attracting the ire and attention of the mysterious organization SERN. Due to the novel discovery, Rintarou and his friends find themselves in an ever-present danger. As he works to mitigate the damage his invention has caused to the timeline, he is not only fighting a battle to save his loved ones, but also one against his degrading sanity.

Score: 9.07 out of 10
Steins;Gate: Every brilliant day should be lived for those who passed away.
Steins;Gate: The"'present" is a leaf floating on top of the river. It moves along with the flow from past to future.
Steins;Gate: That day four years ago... When I wasn't needed by anyone. When nobody cared about me. When I had given up on living and was about to jump off the roof of a building... FB saved me with a single message. I didn't care if it was a joke or not. I was just happy that somebody knew... that I was alive... that it was OK for me to live...
Steins;Gate: Theories are nothing more than words. Accept what you've seen.
Steins;Gate: 99% of perception that normal humans have are closed off. Those who don't think of themselves are quite foolish beings.
Steins;Gate: Remembering something that no one else can is a painful thing. You can't talk to anyone about it. No one will understand you. You'll be alone.
Steins;Gate: Living should mean no do-overs. This is for the best.
Steins;Gate: If you want to grant your own wish, then you should clear your own path to it.
Steins;Gate: Everyone gets help from someone else at some point in their lives. So someday, you should help someone too.
Steins;Gate: You can run away, but that'll just make it worse!
Steins;Gate: History dictates that it is the wise who are most foolish.
Steins;Gate: People... need to be needed by someone in order to live. If a person isn't needed, they're worthless!