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Sousei no Aquarion

Once upon a time, a race known as the Shadow Angels attacked Earth to harvest the life force of all those who inhabited the planet. Thanks to some outrageous miracle, the Shadow Angels went dormant, and humanity was able to live another 12,000 years without fearing their presence. But 11 years after a catastrophe dubbed the Holy Genesis brought ruin to the Earth, the Shadow Angels were stirred from their slumber and resumed the attacks once more. To give humanity somewhat of a chance, an organization known as DEAVA was formed, and use of a robotic weapon named Aquarion has been authorized. In order for the Aquarion to be brought to full power, three pilots must combine their hearts, bodies, and souls into one—a feat few can hope to accomplish. Thus, the search for so-called 'Element Users' was prioritised, hoping to ensure humanity's future. Sousei no Aquarion follows the story of Apollo, a near-feral young man brought up in poverty, who is believed to be a legendary hero reincarnated. After his best friend is taken by the Shadow Angels, Apollo chooses to become an Aquarion pilot. Will he be able to turn the tides of the war, and free humanity from the threat of the Shadow Angels for once and for all?

Score: 7.09 out of 10
Sousei no Aquarion: Misfortune… that is my symbol. Unluckiness… that is my identity. I am a woman who looks best dressed in solitude and misfortune. That is who I am.
Sousei no Aquarion: At night the moon shines with daylight. Our dreams are an ocean… each wave is the dream of an individual. The tide is controlled by the pull of the moon… it illuminates our dreams. If you open the moon, you will discover the path to dreams. When one finds death, they are submerged in the ocean of dreams. At the end of life’s path is a door that leads us to this ocean. Our dreams transcend the self to reach this sea… connecting us all within its lunar tide.
Sousei no Aquarion: On that day twelve thousand years ago, on the summit of clouds reaching the stratosphere, remember that evening when we watched the prominence rise from the sunspot together… Entrusting our bodies to the Earth’s love, we listened carefully to the memories of the sea etched in every droplet of the falling rain that morning. When we looked up at the ocean’s singers who had gathered at the swaying great temple, the voices of prayer… That day, under the Tree of Life, we entrusted the beginning of the world to those reverberations… Remember that brilliance.
Sousei no Aquarion: A misty moonlight night washes over the land and though darkness ebbs with the glow of the full moon, shadows still remain. They conceal an evil which exists just beyond our grasp. Sides are chosen. Lines are drawn, ones that we dare not cross. But in the distance a ray of light shines to expose our path. It is then that we realize that some things in life are better left unseen.