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Life is idyllic and unassuming in the small town of Sotoba, a simple place where everyone knows everyone. However, tragedy strikes when Megumi Shimizu, a young girl with high aspirations, unexpectedly passes away from an unnamed illness. Over the torrid summer months, as more unexplained deaths crop up around the village, the town's doctor—Toshio Ozaki—begins to suspect that something more sinister than a mere disease is at play. Toshio teams up with Natsuno Yuuki, an apathetic and aloof teenager, and siblings Kaori and Akira Tanaka, two of Megumi's friends, to unravel the dark mystery behind the deaths in Sotoba. With their combined efforts, the investigation leads them toward an eerie secret pertaining to the new family in the Kanemasa mansion.

Score: 7.73 out of 10
Shiki: No one knows when they will die. Neither you nor I may be able to live that long. But no life is so little as to give up, to think "I don't care when I die."
Shiki: Death is terrible for anyone. Young or old, good or evil, it's all the same. Death is impartial. There is no especially terrible death. That's why death is so fearsome. Your deeds, your age, your personality, your wealth, your beauty... They are all meaningless in the face of death.
Shiki: My new family is just so kind. It's almost if there's been some kind of mistake... like, I'll have to pay back for all this happiness later on.
Shiki: Just like humans, approve killing animals in society, we, approve the killing of humans.
Shiki: Everything eventually faces destruction. Everything eventually disappears.
Shiki: It's not a matter of a creature's individual worth. It's a matter of a creature's personal feelings.