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Pandora Hearts

To young Oz Vessalius, heir to the Vessalius Duke House, the perilous world called the Abyss is nothing more than a folktale used to scare misbehaving children. However, when Oz's coming-of-age ceremony is interrupted by the malicious Baskerville Clan intent on banishing him into the depths of the Abyss, the Vessalius heir realizes that his peaceful life of luxury is at its end. Now, he must confront the world of the Abyss and its dwellers, the monstrous "Chains," which are both not quite as fake as he once believed. Based on the supernatural fantasy manga of the same name, Pandora Hearts tells the story of fifteen-year-old Oz's journey to discover the meaning behind the strange events that have overtaken his life. Assisted by a mysterious Chain named Alice, whose nickname is "Bloodstained Black Rabbit," and members of a clandestine organization known as "Pandora," Oz begins to realize his existence may have more meaning than he could have ever imagined.

Score: 7.65 out of 10
Pandora Hearts: Gilbert, I know everything about you... because we are connected by an extremely deep bond. No matter how far apart we are, we will surely return to the same place. Because that is our fate!
Pandora Hearts: It's something that appear on the chests of illegal contractees.
Pandora Hearts: Finally I saw... A world so bright I almost wanted to cry... It was then, that my consciousness was engulfed in darkness.
Pandora Hearts: *to Eliot* Fred, Claude, Ernest... The Head Hunter killed all of them! Because of that, our mother lost her mind... And... Fell prey to the lies of that foreigner. And our father still pretends to not notice what's going on!..
Pandora Hearts: What is really wicked... is judging people without even trying to get to know them!
Pandora Hearts: The moment a person says he's working hard without thinking, he's still being naive. He is not trying at all!
Pandora Hearts: If you don't get accepted by anyone, does that mean there's no significance for you to live on?
Pandora Hearts: Although I'm weak and full of flaws, I will never stop moving forward. No matter who I am, no one other than myself will create my own existence. No matter what others may think or feel, I will still move forward as myself.
Pandora Hearts: Spoiling stories... is an unforgivable sin in this world.
Pandora Hearts: *to Duke Nightray* You've let your own son die for the honor of your household and other such rubbish. You've lost almost all of your family, and yet all you can think of is your own interests.
Pandora Hearts: *to Reim* It means that you have no affinity for chains with fighting skills. You try to avoid violence even when you fight. That's a very good thing.
Pandora Hearts: I went with raven for a long bathroom break.
Pandora Hearts: Instead of sighing about the past, I'd rather be happy to face the present.
Pandora Hearts: No matter how much despair awaits them, I wish that at the end of their story, the gentle light of hope will shine on them...
Pandora Hearts: *to a dying Elliot* I really liked you. It was only thanks to you that Gil managed to live in that house without forgetting how to smile.
Pandora Hearts: You're wrong... You're wrong about that as well, Oz! We're just two people who met through someone called 'Elliot'. You're quite mistaken thinking we were friends through him. Because I don't know a thing about you!
Pandora Hearts: *to Jack* If you accept everything you're told without question, you'll lose your ability to think. Even if you reached the same conclusion, it would still be worth analyzing the reasons behind it.
Pandora Hearts: Don't concern yourself with what those tasteless idiots say.