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One thousand and one nights Anime Quotes

One thousand and one nights

Aladdin, a lowly water seller, is new to the city of Baghdad when he sees the beautiful Miriam being sold at a slave auction. Enthralled by her beauty, Aladdin manages to steal Miriam from the auction and spends a passionate night with her in an unoccupied home. When the two wake, however, they are met by the owner of the home and are tragically separated. Osamu Tezuka's lustful tale follows Aladdin and Miriam as they struggle to reunite with each other while facing the trials of a strange and magical world.

Score: 6.10 out of 10
One thousand and one nights: It takes more courage to speak the truth than it does to wield a sword.
One thousand and one nights: When I thought that I would never see you again. I was crippled by the pain of my heart being shattered. For the first time, I came to realize that "Heartbreak" was not just a word in books.