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My Hero Academia

The appearance of "quirks," newly discovered super powers, has been steadily increasing over the years, with 80 percent of humanity possessing various abilities from manipulation of elements to shapeshifting. This leaves the remainder of the world completely powerless, and Izuku Midoriya is one such individual. Since he was a child, the ambitious middle schooler has wanted nothing more than to be a hero. Izuku's unfair fate leaves him admiring heroes and taking notes on them whenever he can. But it seems that his persistence has borne some fruit: Izuku meets the number one hero and his personal idol, All Might. All Might's quirk is a unique ability that can be inherited, and he has chosen Izuku to be his successor! Enduring many months of grueling training, Izuku enrolls in UA High, a prestigious high school famous for its excellent hero training program, and this year's freshmen look especially promising. With his bizarre but talented classmates and the looming threat of a villainous organization, Izuku will soon learn what it really means to be a hero.

Score: 7.87 out of 10
My Hero Academia: I saw the news and hopped over! You’re part of the league, right? I’ll kick your butt!
My Hero Academia: It’s like All-Might said… Giving help that’s not asked for… is what makes a true hero!
My Hero Academia: Should we have let people die, all in the name of the law? Isn’t it a hero’s job to save people?
My Hero Academia: With your positions revealed, you’re in my crosshairs. And there’s no hiding from the coming storm. As Hawks would say… speed beats power.
My Hero Academia: I have to work harder than anyone else to make it! I’ll never catch up otherwise… I want be like you… Like you! The strongest hero.
My Hero Academia: When the enemy becomes certain of their victory, that will be our chance.
My Hero Academia: Get a hold of yourself, you’re an adult aren’t you?
My Hero Academia: If you’re going to become a hero, you don’t have time for such leisurely events.
My Hero Academia: The old you’s not going anywhere with that emo look on your face! If you overcome that gloomy self of yours… let me know. Or else I’ll start spreading rumors about high school debut man.
My Hero Academia: With so much time left, I thought I’d park myself at the gate… but, well, taking that approach is just no fun at all… Because watching you run and shriek like a baby… makes the sadist in me ache for a chance to play.
My Hero Academia: Can’t stand morons like you who can’t get the damned point! Basically, you’re saying: we wanna cause trouble, be our pal! What a joke! I’ve always admired All Might’s triumphs. No matter what any of you jerks say, nothings ever gonna change that.
My Hero Academia: When a person’s backed into a corner or when they’re truly free… that’s when they show their true nature. That’s why I think Bubaigawara was a decent guy… who was just desperate to be help and I feel… the same way.
My Hero Academia: A smiling, dependable, cool hero…That’s what I wanna be! That’s why I’m giving it everything. For everyone!
My Hero Academia: Quite worthy of being an instructor at U.A. Ain’t that right, hero? Is it cuz your students are so precious? Hope you got what it takes to protect them… See ya later.
My Hero Academia: You must’ve thought, As long as I face the future, I can be better! I can tell you’re at a loss for words, so here’s the answer! The past never dies! Get it yet!? Y’reap what you sow! Let’s tango, you and me- Enji Todoroki!! A dance with your son, here in hell!!
My Hero Academia: You Heroes pretend to be society’s guardians. For generations, you pretended not to see those you couldn’t protect and swept their pain under the rug. It’s tainted everything you’ve built. That means your system’s all rotten from the inside with maggots crawling out. It all builds up, little by little, over time. You’ve got the common trash, all too dependent on being protected. And the brave guardians who created the trash that need coddling. It’s a corrupt, vicious cycle. Everything I’ve witnessed, this whole system you’ve built has always rejected me. Now I’m ready to reject it. That’s why I destroy. That’s why I took this power for myself.
My Hero Academia: If all the villains attacking tonight are on his level… everyone’s in trouble. And they might be after us students. I need to tell Mr. Aizawa and the Wild, Wild Pussycats what I know. If my actions can save any of them… Then I’ve gotta do something.