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Lovely Complex

Love is unusual for Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Ootani, who are both striving to find their ideal partner in high school—172 cm tall Koizumi is much taller than the average girl, and Ootani is much shorter than the average guy at 156 cm. To add to their plights, their crushes fall in love with each other, leaving Koizumi and Ootani comically flustered and heartbroken. To make matters worse, they're even labeled as a comedy duo by their homeroom teacher due to their personalities and the stark difference in their heights, and their classmates even think of their arguments as sketches. Lovely★Complex follows Koizumi and Ootani as they encourage each other in finding love and become close friends. Apart from their ridiculous antics, they soon find out an unexpected similarity in their music and fashion tastes. Maybe they possess a chemistry yet unknown, but could love ever bloom between the mismatched pair?

Score: 8.03 out of 10
Lovely Complex: This is straining my heartstrings.
Lovely Complex: Listen midget! I'm going to curse you and make you shrink 1 cm everyday, and in only 156 days you'll vanish completely!!
Lovely Complex: Well, there's this one hopeless idiot... who'll probably end up crying if I see you again.
Lovely Complex: An oasis for my withered heart in this harsh reality.
Lovely Complex: Everytime Otani says or does something, I end up going to heaven, or hell.