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Little Busters!

As a child, Riki Naoe shut himself from the world, thanks to a diagnosis of narcolepsy following the tragic deaths of his parents. However, Riki is saved when, one fateful day, a boy named Kyousuke recruits him into a team who call themselves the Little Busters. Accompanied by Masato, Kengo, and Rin, these misfits spend their childhood fighting evil and enjoying their youth. Years pass, and even in high school, the well-knit teammates remain together. Kyousuke decides to re-ignite the Little Busters by forming a baseball team as it will be his last school year with them. They have a problem though: there aren't enough members! The tables have turned, for it is now Riki's turn to reach out and recruit new friends into the Little Busters, just like Kyousuke had once done for him. Then, an omen surfaces—Rin finds a strange letter attached to her cat, assigning them the duty of uncovering the "secret of this world" by completing specific tasks. Just what is this secret, and why is it being hidden? It's up to the Little Busters to find out!

Score: 7.48 out of 10
Little Busters!: It may be better to go and regret it rather than staying here and regretting it. If you don’t move forward, you can’t gain anything.
Little Busters!: Anything can happen. No one ever thinks it will until it does. What will happen, happens. That's how the world is. The most important thing is to not let the tragedy defeat you. To believe that you can get through it.
Little Busters!: I’m a very lucky person. I was able to meet people I love.
Little Busters!: A peaceful every day life hides its fragility. Fear and violence aren't just something in another world, completely unrelated to us. If a disaster happens, we can't change it. But as long as we small gears are linked together, we can keep moving forward, even if it's only one small step at a time.
Little Busters!: If the world is full of things we never wanted to know, is our only option to look away? You won't solve anything by looking away.
Little Busters!: Nothing good can come by rejecting yourself.
Little Busters!: I don’t mind getting in trouble. But I won’t let my friends' kindness go to waste.
Little Busters!: People can never truly understand each other! That's why we communicate and try to understand. We can only understand ourselves through being with others!
Little Busters!: No matter what, I’ll be always be your friend. No matter how far you go, I’ll be thinking about you everyday.