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Kuroko No Basket

For the last three years, Teikou Middle School has dominated the national basketball scene with its legendary lineup: the "Generation of Miracles." It consisted of five prodigies who excelled at the sport, but a "Phantom Sixth Man" lurked in the shadows and helped earn the team their revered status. Eventually, their monstrous growth jaded them from the sport they loved and made them go their separate ways in high school. In search of new members, the Seirin High School basketball team recruits Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko, two freshmen who seem to have significant differences in abilities. Having returned recently from America, Kagami has both a natural aptitude and relentless love for the sport. Meanwhile, Kuroko lacks presence and exhibits no outstanding athletic talent. However, it is later revealed that he is Teikou's Phantom Sixth Man—the player once part of the Generation of Miracles. Kuroko wants to prove to the Seirin team that he is strong in his own way. Seeing his conviction, Kagami forms a dynamic partnership with Kuroko, the latter promising to support Kagami's "light" as his "shadow." Alongside their new Seirin teammates, they aim to conquer the upcoming Interhigh championship, but the reappearance of Kuroko's former teammates complicates their plan.

Score: 8.06 out of 10
Kuroko No Basket: Winning is everything in this world. The victors write history. The losers are wiped from it.
Kuroko No Basket: So long as I don't give up, the possibility of winning will never fall to zero.
Kuroko No Basket: Don't go believing everyone with glasses is smart!
Kuroko No Basket: It’s not the time to be scared. Of course it’s better if the opponent is strong rather than weak, right!
Kuroko No Basket: A man who cannot play by himself, cannot improve by himself.
Kuroko No Basket: If we have time to get upset, we should have used that time to move on… Even if just one step forward!
Kuroko No Basket: Don’t you know the saying ‘Man proposes; God disposes’ ? First, you do your best and then fate will decide how it will turn out.
Kuroko No Basket: It's not about doing what it takes to win. Sei-chan told me before "Winning is just like breathing". Victory isn't something that Sei-chan seeks. It's a natural part of his life. It's a basic bodily function.
Kuroko No Basket: If you wanna climb a mountain, you obviously aim for the top, but you gotta enjoy the scenery too.
Kuroko No Basket: There is no meaning to victory, if you win alone.
Kuroko No Basket: Don't give up! There's no shame in falling down! True shame is to not stand up again!
Kuroko No Basket: With out strong opponents, living isn't fun. It's perfect if I can't win.
Kuroko No Basket: Don’t give up! There’s no shame in falling down! True shame is to not stand up again!
Kuroko No Basket: You keep working HARD in order to win and you get better little by little. To IMMERSE yourself in something you like, that's what it means to enjoy something fully.
Kuroko No Basket: The only lucky item you'll need is already within - CONFIDENCE.
Kuroko No Basket: I do not allow anyone acting against me to look down upon me.
Kuroko No Basket: The strong don't win. The winners are the strong ones.
Kuroko No Basket: If there's no one happy, is it really a victory?
Kuroko No Basket: Human minds are not designed to accept negative statements like ‘don’t do this’ or ‘I can’t do that’, ‘we can’t make any mistakes’, ‘failure is not accepted’. These kinds of thoughts only serve to counter productively stress the body and lead to further mistakes. And if just one mistake is made, it turns into a vicious cycle. The more they think about it, the more mistakes will be made, and the more the quality of their plays will drop.
Kuroko No Basket: How you change is up to you.
Kuroko No Basket: But hating something you love is a painful feeling.
Kuroko No Basket: Does math bring out your wrath?