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Kamisama No Memochou

Narumi Fujishima may seem like a normal high school student at first glance, but in reality he is a pessimistic outsider. Due to his father's work, he had to constantly transfer schools, and thus he has never managed to become a part of society. When he is forced to join the gardening club by his cheerful classmate Ayaka Shinozaki, Narumi encounters the genius hacker Alice, who lives in isolation above Hanamaru, the ramen shop where Ayaka works part-time. He then discovers that Alice is running a special private detective agency, and that all her professional associates refer to themselves as "NEET"s: Not in Education, Employment, or Training. Joining the NEET detective agency due to his personal connection with a criminal case, Narumi finds himself entangled in a world of dangerous investigations conducted by the ill-assorted group of detectives, all the while trying to track down the crime syndicate which seems to have mysterious ties to Alice.

Score: 7.48 out of 10
Kamisama No Memochou: Will you stay by my side? Will you watch as we uncover a harsh truth that was meant to remain buried, and share in the pain that comes with the act?
Kamisama No Memochou: As of this moment, you're my official assistant. Your arms, your legs, your eyes, your ears, your throat, your nails, your teeth, and your tongue. Even the last drop of your blood. They all belong to me now.
Kamisama No Memochou: What do you think killed the most people in history? It wasn't explosives or drugs. It was information. To know is to die.
Kamisama No Memochou: What takes reason a hundred years to build a bridge to only takes the wings of faith a single night to reach.
Kamisama No Memochou: A normal detective eavesdrops, goes on stakeouts, and gathers information by foot to find out what they're looking for. But a NEET detective can search the world over to find the truth without stepping out of their room!
Kamisama No Memochou: The crowd of people looks just like pixels in a picture to me. A single pixel is meaningless. But add two, three and four... They pile up rapidly until they ultimately form a picture. But I've never seen that picture.
Kamisama No Memochou: NEET is not a stereotype. It's a way of life.
Kamisama No Memochou: Most non-NEET people in the world don't realize that human nature isn't scalar, but vectorial.
Kamisama No Memochou: Broken promises, regardless of how horrid transform into rage that stinks to the ocean floor. Through those bonds, we're drawn together countless times.
Kamisama No Memochou: Babies are jobless when they are born too! It's just that they are tainted in the large bathtub called life after that!