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Honey and Clover

Yuuta Takemoto, a sophomore at an arts college, shares a cheap apartment with two seniors—the eccentric Shinobu Morita, who keeps failing to graduate due to his absenteeism, and the sensible Takumi Mayama, who acts as a proper senior to Takemoto, often looking out for him. Takemoto had not given much thought to his future until one fine spring day, when he meets the endearing Hagumi Hanamoto and falls in love at first sight. Incredibly gifted in the arts, Hagumi enrolls in Takemoto's university and soon befriends the popular pottery student Ayumi Yamada. Ayumi is already well acquainted with the three flatmates and secretly harbors deep feelings for one of them. Hachimitsu to Clover is a heartwarming tale of youth, love, soul-searching, and self-discovery, intricately woven through the complex relationships between five dear friends.

Score: 8.00 out of 10
Honey and Clover: I've liked him for so long. So long. But Mayama likes someone else. But I wanna hear his voice. I want to hold his hand. I feel like this.
Honey and Clover: To have the one you think is your ideal self standing in front of you, it's tough...
Honey and Clover: I realized why I was lost. It's not because I didn't have a map... It was because I didn't have a destination.
Honey and Clover: A guy who likes someone else shouldn't be taking care of the girl he just dumped.