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Hamatora: The Animation

The ability to create miracles is not just a supernatural phenomenon; it is a gift which manifests in a limited number of human beings. "Minimum," or small miracles, are special powers that only selected people called "Minimum Holders" possess. The detective agency Yokohama Troubleshooting, or Hamatora for short, is composed of the "Minimum Holder PI Duo," Nice and Murasaki. Their office is a lone table at Cafe Nowhere, where the pair and their coworkers await new clients. Suddenly, the jobs that they begin to receive seem to have strange connections to the serial killer whom their friend Art, a police officer, is searching for. The murder victims share a single similarity: they are all Minimum Holders. Nice and Murasaki, as holders themselves, are drawn to the case—but what exactly is the link between Nice and the one who orchestrates it all?

Score: 7.25 out of 10
Hamatora: The Animation: Human emotions are just black or white sometimes there and consistent and can even be contradictory, but that's all right.
Hamatora: The Animation: Sometimes, I just think... this world has surpassed its capacity. It's overflowing. Our day-to-day lives are replete with both happiness and misfortune. Yet, because we cannot see the excess from the inside, we still feel unfulfilled. Given that we are capable of acknowledging neither excess nor deprivation, we might as well not exist. In other words... you can't withdraw coins from an ATM. That's common sense.
Hamatora: The Animation: Feelings aren't black and white. Even if they're fuzzy and contradictory, if they're sincere, they are what they are.
Hamatora: The Animation: You chose to go with the flow and you think that doesn't make you guilty?
Hamatora: The Animation: All human beings can only perceive the world through the filter of their values. Mediocre values may be harmless, but they are also utterly worthless.