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Giant Robo

The pilot for GR: Giant Robo. However, there were significant changes between the pilot and the actual show, including a different writer and a different director. Thus, the special is less a promo for the series than an alternate version of how the series might have looked. (Source: Orphan)

Score: 5.79 out of 10
Giant Robo: The future has shown us with its glorious brilliance the time to seize our destiny and conquer all our fear is now! In ancient times, man rubbed sticks together and created fire, then they slaughtered the whales and battled one another for oil. After that, came the atomic age. In every chapter of our history, we've danced with danger. But now, for the first time in existence, we will be delivered from fear. Finally, we will escape the prison of our illusions and the beautiful night will embrace us all. It's already too late! I will live by this and I will die by this!