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Bungaku Shoujo

Music video directed by Takashi Ohashi for the title track Bungaku Shoujo by Burnout Syndromes.

Score: 5.98 out of 10
Bungaku Shoujo: If there's an ugly truth, a beautiful truth must exist too. Stories aren't purely ugly. They're not purely tragic or sad either. There are tender things and beautiful things in there.
Bungaku Shoujo: Have you ever imagined how it feels to be treated like you don't exist? You're right there, but you get treated like you're not. You're denied everything - every day your heart gets carved up and you experience disappointment again and again, but you have to smile anyway. Do you know how that feels?
Bungaku Shoujo: I believe being an author is a lonely line of work that asks you to pass through a narrow gate alone.
Bungaku Shoujo: I wanted to hurt you, make you suffer, and make sure that you'd never forget me.