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Axis Powers: Hetalia

In a tumultuous era of World Wars and general uncertainty for the future, Germany did not expect that his only constant allies would be North Italy and Japan. Despite being a descendant of the once-powerful Ancient Rome, North Italy is weak, useless, and overly in love with pasta. In contrast, Japan is reliable and pragmatic, but has strange obsessions that would bewilder anyone. Believing he drew the short end of the straw, Germany must think of a way to make this unlikely alliance work. To rub salt into the wound, the chaotic Allied Forces arrive, determined to stop the Axis Powers in their tracks. While they all share a common goal, none of the Allies can set aside their centuries of differences to fight as a cohesive front. As conflicts continue, these personified nations act out the events of World Wars I and II in a comedic and entertaining manner.

Score: 7.26 out of 10
Axis Powers: Hetalia: Accept me for what I am today, don't reject me because of what I was yesterday.
Axis Powers: Hetalia: As long as I'm with you, I get fed and nobody picks on me! I like being here!
Axis Powers: Hetalia: Stop being such a bitch, Sweden!
Axis Powers: Hetalia: Risking my life for European politics would make me grassy!
Axis Powers: Hetalia: I want to see confused and troubled Lithuania to come crying to me.
Axis Powers: Hetalia: Look at my soldiers and their mean faces! I taught them that face!