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Atrocious Fairy Tales for Adults Anime Quotes

Atrocious Fairy Tales for Adults

Although Mio Sudou is popular and successful, five years after a failed engagement, she finds little interest in pursuing men. At a group date, she meets Shuuji Mashima—a professional consultant who seems to express a strong disinterest in women. But when Mio calls him out on his arrogance, Shuuji invites her to a hotel room to prove her initial impression wrong. Despite it being their first sexual encounter in years, the two discover satisfaction and pleasure they never experienced before. Chasing that incomparable sensation, Mio and Shuuji work together to help each other find the once lost feeling of yearning. However, they may soon realize that their deepest desire is, in fact, the person standing in front of them.

Score: 5.79 out of 10
Atrocious Fairy Tales for Adults: Being an actress is about satisfying people's need for an escape to reality. When someone is affected by the movie or drama; whether it be happiness or sadness; it is a great honor for us.