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Assassination Classroom 2nd Season

Returning from their summer vacation, the students of Class 3-E at the prestigious Kunugigaoka Middle School find themselves up against unbeatable odds. Faced with the possibility of world annihilation, the students must come up with increasingly elaborate and creative ways to kill their teacher, the cunning yet optimistic and helpful Koro-sensei. However, eliminating Koro-sensei is not the only objective the students need to worry about. Gakuhou Asano, the academy's merciless and cruel principal, seeks to prevent Class 3-E's success by brainwashing his other hard-working pupils into ruthlessly competitive studying machines. Hostility begins to linger in the air as traitors and killers alike attempt to claim the bounty on Koro-sensei's head for themselves. Nagisa Shiota, one of Class 3-E's most skilled assassins, finds himself in the middle of the conflict. While he works to maintain his academic standing and prevent the end of the world, domestic affairs jeopardize his place in Class 3-E. Together with his dedicated classmates, he must now face the threats head-on.

Score: 8.49 out of 10
Assassination Classroom 2nd Season: Take advantage of what you have, while you have it.
Assassination Classroom 2nd Season: As you go through life, the might current of society is bound to get in your way and there will certainly be times that things don't go as you'd hoped. When this happens, don't look to society for a cause. Do not renounce society. Frankly, you'd be wasting your time. Instead just say, "That's life!" and muddle your way through with frustration. Once you're past it, consider: If society's swift current is tossing you around, how should you be swimming there in it's midst. You should have learned how, here in the E class, in this assassination classroom. You don't always have to stand and face it head-on. You can run and you can hide. If it's not against the rules, you can try a sneak attack. You can use unconventional weapons. Stay determined - not impatient nor discouraged - and with repeated trial and error, you're bound to reach a splendid outcome eventually.
Assassination Classroom 2nd Season: Broadly speaking, there are two reasons a person feels the desire to teach something: Either he wants to pass on his successes or he wants to pass on his failures.
Assassination Classroom 2nd Season: I study too, you know. How could I teach anyone if I didn't grow and learn day by day. Now let's get rid of this dangerous cloth. Experiencing my Absolute Defense Form over summer vacation taught me yet another skill: compressing not my whole body, but a portion of my tentacles to release a burst of energy. Remember this Itona, I say assassination is education. The assassination classrooms teacher will get stronger every time he teaches!
Assassination Classroom 2nd Season: Fun times are bound to end.
Assassination Classroom 2nd Season: What does it feel like, having your own death right before your eyes? That grand kaleidoscope glimpsed in the moments before death... What could be flashing through that perfect mind of yours?
Assassination Classroom 2nd Season: "Every experience is a tool to clear your path." It was none other than those students who taught me that.