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Ana Satsujin

Short animated film by acclaimed multi-talented artist Makoto Wada.

Score: 5.12 out of 10
Ana Satsujin: Whether you're alive, dead, or living dead... Loneliness is still loneliness... It's the same thing... Nothing changes. There are no different categories of loneliness. It's just loneliness.
Ana Satsujin: Don't you ever worry about it? Wonder if there's something wrong with you? When you're always alone... you start comparing yourself with others. You want to make sure you're normal. But... when you're around lots of people, you don't compare yourself with them. You want to be yourself. It's okay to be weird... You want to be special. That's how it balances out.
Ana Satsujin: Bonds are what they are because they can be cut.