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Akuma To Love Song

Angels and demons had fought over a long time to see who reign supreme. In order to bring closure to this feud. An Angel named Sera and a demon named Firika were sent to the human world to finish this competition. The leader of both angels and demons decided that both the angel and demon must contend for the love of a human named Yamato. Thus, Sera and Firika compete to for Yamato's love and the supremacy of their entire race. (Source: Bilibili)

Score: 6.90 out of 10
Akuma To Love Song: I think that having no relationships with others is the loneliest thing in the world.
Akuma To Love Song: The ability to understand others just by touching definitely exists. There might not be any reason to be afraid of touching and being touched by others, or hugging and being hugged by others.
Akuma To Love Song: I should just do what I'm able to do. No matter how small it is, there's no need to feel ashamed.
Akuma To Love Song: Wrongly placed jealousy is ugly when it goes too far.
Akuma To Love Song: He who lies to make things beautiful is probably someone who admires pure feelings much more than anybody else.
Akuma To Love Song: "Those who believe will be saved". It's just that I wanted to find out whether you'll be saved if you believed. If such a thing were true, I feel like I can change myself too.
Akuma To Love Song: Ever since I was little, I've always been curious. Why doesn't the witch, who can use her magic to transform a shabby girl into someone lovely, cast a spell on herself? If she used her magic on herself, she could become lovely too. The witch does not use her magic on herself because she knows the emptiness that follows when the spell breaks.
Akuma To Love Song: I do want to be useful for something and to be of help to people, but I want to decide what that "something" is by myself.
Akuma To Love Song: You don't have to try to get along with someone that you aren't interested in.
Akuma To Love Song: The spell always breaks in the end. Girls will always transform back into their original shabby form. After that, you only have your own strength to rely on to accomplish anything.
Akuma To Love Song: There are those people who are born aloof and prefer to stay away from groups. In such a case, others should just leave those people alone. It's not a matter of sympathy.