Tokyo Ghoul Quotes

rize and shuu on a bed of roses“Throughout history, coffee has proven to be the only thing that we ghouls can enjoy alongside humans.”

“It’s critical to understand human behavior in order to inhabit the world they live in.”

“I am conscious that I am evil.”

“There’s no way I’ll ever trust anyone.”

Nishiki Nishio Quotes

“Humor me, Kaneki!”

“There’s nothing quite the look of pure anguish that dances across their face as you betray the genuine trust they placed in you.”

“You know, nothing ticks me off more than a violation of territory.”

“You know what happens when you get caught on someone else’s territory, right?”

“Getting told off by some younger, overconfident little punk really pisses me off.”

“You’ll have to cut a little deeper than that!”

“You sure do reek! You smell just like a female ghoul!”

“It’s hard for me to have faith in people. But maybe being betrayed by you wouldn’t be so bad.” [Talking about Kimi]

“There’s nothing else… Aside from Kimi, I have nothing else…”

Renji Yomo Quotes

“They were always looking to find common ground somewhere. They had taken many lives and committed many sins, but by running into Mr. Yoshimura, they came to realize the meaning of all that they had done. Nonetheless, no matter how much of a change of heart they had, their sins remained. And so, they required punishment.”

“All we can do is live as we endure loss.”

Ayato Kirishima

“You can’t fly anywhere on that wing of yours. Go ahead and crawl along the ground.”

Akira Mado

ken kaneki in a live action pose tokyo ghoul quotes“I like to avoid as much wastefulness as possible. Speaking politely consumes more time and energy. Just by being partners, it means we’ll be spending more time talking. For example, “If you would be so kind” and “would you?” take 0.9 and 0.3 seconds each to say. That’s a whopping 0.6 second difference. Supposing I ask you for something ten times per day, it could cut out up to two thousand seconds from the course of a year. Convert two thousand seconds to minutes, and it’s about thirty-three minutes. What can be done with thirty-three minutes depends on the person, but still, that’s a huge difference. As such, let’s not concern ourselves with trivialities, and put all of our efforts into the investigation, Investigator Amon.”

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