Taboo Tattoo Quotes

izzy and seigis first meeting“Being kind will kill you.”

“Justice without strength is not justice.”

“I will have every last grain of sand, drop of water, and breath of air on this planet for myself.”

“Telling the truth is not always the right thing to do.”

“It may surprise you, but this is a key that will lead you to the truth of this world.”

Seigi Quotes (Justice Akatsuka)

“I’m gonna devour your idea of justice.”

“If you’re gonna stalk me, do it right.”

“There is a difference between someone who’s fighting to protect and someone who’s fighting to kill.”

“From the moment that I decided to follow my father’s foot steps, I was prepared for danger.”

“No handicaps from here on out.”

“I’ll get stronger so that I can protect you, Touko.”

“I will choose my own path.”

Bluesy Fluesy Quotes (Izzy)

“You made two crucial mistakes: the first was not killing me before my tattoo activated. The other was tearing up my brand new school uniform!”

“Did I scare you that much?”

“The void swallows everything. With no distinction between yourself and others, living and non-living.”

“You can’t get what you want without just compensation.”

Bluesy: Are you jealous? How cute. I like that kind of thing.
Touko: I-it’s not like that!

“You can ask Tom any questions you have, while you wait. He’s useless in individual battles, but he knows all sorts of things.”

Random Peasant: Izzy-san, do you know Akatsuka-kun? What’s your relationship?
Bluesy: Well… Let’s just say it’s not your normal relationship.

“This is a tattoo. It’s activated through the charging of its user’s own unique “trigger.” They’re super-scientific weapons that drastically enhance the physical abilities of their users, known as the “Sealed,” allowing them to bring forth supernatural phenomena.”

Bluesy: Akatsuka Justice. Third-year at Harumi Private Middle School. That’s an unusual name. They call those “DQN names” in Japan, right?
Justice: M-My dad picked my name! I was their first kid, so my parents had some weird ideas!

Touko Ichinose Quotes

“What is with that stalker chick?! I’m gonna go tell her off!”

“Seigi is my hero, and my… m-my… my p-prince!”

“Try not to let any weird girls get a hold of you, Mr. Ally of Justice.”

Touko: Seigi, what do you want for dinner tonight? I’m cooking. So I’ll make whatever you like.
Seigi: Anything’s fine. You always do so much for me. I can’t be too picky.
T: I’m the one who said I’d cook for you. Don’t be shy. Ask for whatever you want.
S: Okay, then I want European-style American Indian curry udon.
T: E-European-style American Indian curry udon? Does that exist?

“Seigi hates things that don’t follow logic!”

Tom Shredfield Quotes

bluesy telling everyone about her relationship with Seigi“Isn’t looking for p0rn0 in a boy’s room part of being a Japanese gentleman?”

“Your tattoo creates a nothingness that swallows space, or in other words, a void, which is why it’s called Void Maker. And it’s quite unstable at that. Failure to control has the potential to result in the user’s death.”

“You’ve got guts, or maybe you’re just too nice.”


“My foolish father needs no grave.”

“I bet you’d shine with a little polishing.”

R. R. Lurker

bluesy stalking Seigi and Touko“Dance! Dance! Little bunny!”

“I’m a member of the princess’s personal tattoo force. The “Behemoth Viper,” R. R. Lurker. I’m 22, single, looking for a girlfriend. And by the way, I’m a total sadist.”

“I think junior is about to fly up to Seventh Heaven!”

“To annihilate the young ones working behind the scenes and retrieve the triggerless tattoo… That was my master’s royal decree.”

Seigi’s Grandfather

“Not good enough! You challenged a thief and lost? Wht have you learned in all this time? Do you know why your father died? Because he wasn’t strong enough! He wanted to protect the weak, but he wasn’t even strong! If you intend to follow the same pathe he did, you need to get stronger.”

Seigi’s Father

“Are you upset? Looking downward all the time won’t help. When you’re upset, look forward. If there’s something you want, stretch out your hand.”

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