Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Quotes

rem being cute and funny re zeroAlso known as: Re Zero or Starting Life In Another World.

“You are a poorly acted madman.”

“Clinging to hope only serves your own convenience.”

“Excuse me, sir. But have you died recently?”

Subaru Natsuki Quotes

“Hello, this is my third first time meeting you.”

“My name is Natsuki, Subaru! Not only am I clueless, I’m also broke beyond compare!”

“Her nature never changes, no matter how many times I die and return to life in this world.”

Subaru: I, a denizen of the night, waking in the morning? I’m getting all emotional… I’d better go to sleep a second time.
Rem: My, what a deadbeat thing to say. Did you hear that, Sister?
Ram: Yes, truly a loser’s words. I heard him, Rem.

“I wish people who say “I’d rather die” would actually die before they say it. So that they’ll know how I feel.”

“If you don’t mind, I’m going to struggle pathetically.”

“I guess anyone’s eyes would be tired after holing up in their room, gaming all day.”

“Running around without a plan never ends well.”

“That’s the first time I ever hit someone! I didn’t expect it to hurt ME that much!”

“Is this how it’s supposed to be? Wasn’t I summoned into a parallel world?! Where’d my protagonist status go?!”

“Since ancient times, it’s the rule that anyone summoned into a parallel world will display supernatural powers! I’ll mow these guys down and make them fuel for my shining future!” [Subaru gets beaten down by the thugs 5 minutes later]

“If I struggled and fought so much, only to end up here, then what’s the point?”


“A wound to the back is a warrior’s greatest shame.”

“When I’m with you, nothing is boring, Emilia.”

“I know I look like a rat. You don’t have to tell me.”

“Emilia, you kindness is the one thing that can heal me.”

“Why don’t you remember? Why do all of you keep on leaving me behind? What did I do to you?!”

“It’s not like I get hurt because I want to. The world’s just a little harsher when it comes to me.”

“Every one around her is an enemy. The only one who can take her side is me.”

Emilia: I’m a half-elf.
Subaru: Now I get it. No wonder I thought you were so cute! Elves are always beautiful, right?

Subaru: [Talking about Emilia] She’s so pretty when she’s panicking. A parallel world fantasy… [Just as his about to become unconcious due to his wounds]

“All those times I got hurt, all the crying I did. All the pain I felt, all the fighting I did with my life at stake… And my reward was her name and a single smile. Jeez… Talk about unequal compensation.”

“Your insanity is far too sane. To behave so cleverly and quietly, as if seeking sympathy… It is an insult to real madness.”

“If I lose my fangs, I’ll use my claws. If I lose my claws, I’ll use my bones. And if I lose my bones, I’ll use my life.”

“Only those who work hard will be rewarded.”

Beatrice: You don’t seem to be afraid of dying at all.
Subaru: What? Are you nuts? I’m insanely scared of dying. There’s nothing in the world that scares me more than dying.

“Life is precious! You only get one!”

“Don’t cast your gaze down, when your eyes are clouded, your soul darkens. That means your future is closed to you, and you lose sight of your reasons to live.”

Funny Quotes

“If you look this good without makeup, you’re doing fine.”

Emilia: How are you feeling?
Subaru: I feel great! I’m a little low on blood, all my mana was stolen, the shock of waking up sapped my strength, and I feel like my mind’s taken a fatal beating with a bat, but I’m good!

Subaru: What am I, a soy sauce bottle with a loose cap? [talking about his mana going out of control]

Puck: But when I look at you this way, you look pretty well-built.
Subaru: I do work out every day. [Gesturing his fingers in the air as if typing on a keyboard] For a shut-in who’s gotta guard his house, that much is a given.

Puck: Want me to figure out your magical attribute? Magic-users are divided into fire, water, wind, and earth attributes…
Subaru: Yes! I’ve been waiting for this. What could it be?! Is it the burning fire of passion? Or a relaxed, cool-guy water type? Or maybe a gentle wind, blowing across the plain? Or is it solid, reliable earth?
Puck: Shadow.

Subaru: I haven’t been alone with a girl since I was in grade school!
Emilia: Don’t get any weird ideas. I can use magic.

“Don’t underestimate a truant kid with too much free time. After swinging a wooden sword around all the time for no reason, my grip strength is over 70 kilograms!”

“Normally, wouldn’t you wake up to a girl by your bed asking, “are you awake?” after she’d cared for you all this time while recovering from your wounds? For a story about being summoned into another world, it’s kinda flawed.”

Subaru: No way! Maid costumes exist in this world, too? In my mind, maids were always the very personification of elegance!

“It makes a guy really anxious when you don’t finish your sentence.”

Subaru: Think of it as an advance on our relationship. It means I want us to get close enough to call each other by pet names.

Beatrice: Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m far too busy. I couldn’t even spare the effort to kill you.

Emilia Quotes

“I understand that my half-elf lineage, and other similarities to the witch, subject me to prejudice. However, I adamantly refuse to let all my potential be plucked out simply for that reason.”

“You two aren’t in some conspiracy to try to piss me off, are you?”

Emilia: What is it? Is there something on my face?
Subaru: Yeah, your adorable eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

“I have only one wish: for all to be equal. I desire to create a nation where all citizens are equal.”

Rem Quotes

“I believe you, even at times when you don’t believe even in yourself, I will still believe in you.”

“You have no idea how you saved me from myself, Subaru-kun.”

“I know I mustn’t let my personal feelings interfere, but… I felt a little happy to keep you to myself at Cruch-sama’s house.”

“You bastards… You stole my sister’s horn and stole my reason to live, but that wasn’t enough? Now you have come here, and steal my reason to die, too?!”

Subaru: W-why are you holding me?
Rem: Because I want to.

“It’ll be alright. I will be watching you from behind, always.”

Rem: If you take the time to properly face her and communicate how feel with words, she will understand. You are a wonderful person after all.

Crusch Karsten: How can you give so much of yourself for Natsuki Subaru? Your relationship with him is not that of master and servant, like Felis and mine. But I must say, your behaviour and the glances you cast are those a woman gives her man.
Rem: How do I put it… It’s because Subaru-kun is special.

Puck Quotes

Puck: I have a cute appearance, but I am a spirit. It takes a lot of mana just to appear in physical form. So at night, I return to the crystal I was summoned from and prepare for the emergence of the sun. On average, my ideal staying time is from about nine to five.
Subaru: Nine to five? You sound like a civil servant. Employment terms for spirits are more severe than I thought…

“She doesn’t have too many friends so she craves things like nicknames. She’s easy to please.”

Felt Quotes

“I’m not like the people here in the slums. I have no intention of living out my life in these back alleys! I’m gonna live out my dreams!”

“Don’t get all sentimental and babble nonsense! or else I’ll bite you!”

“I hate the nobility! I hate the knights! I hate this kingdom! I Hate everything about it! So I’m planning to tear it all down! If I become the next ruler, I’ll destroy everything! I’ll take down every last one of you, and bring a little fresh air into this country!”

Reinhard Van Astrea

Elsa: Aren’t you going to use that sword at your hip?I would love to experience its legendary sharpness.
Reinhard: This sword can only be drawn when needed. The fact that it hasn’t left its sheath means this is not one of those times.

Subaru: Hunting monsters is your specialty, my ass! You’re a monster yourself! [After witnessing Reinhard’s power for the first time]
Reinhard: Even I’m a bit hurt by a comment like that, Subaru.

Otto Suwen

“I think I’ve just been introduced to someone who could be real trouble.”

Plot And Summary

This story revolves around a high school student named Natsuki Subaru who was accidentally called up to a world far different from his own on the way back from a convenience store.

This young kid has been experiencing life crises and with these trials accompanying him to another world without knowing who placed him there, things could only be as bad as one can ever imagine.

A silver-haired girl who owns a fairy cat, luckily was there to save him from definite doom. They worked together to decode this mystery, but unfortunately, they got attacked and were killed by someone they do not know.

Subaru gained consciousness, but he noticed where he was and believed that he was granted the ability to return from the dead.

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