Pain Quotes (Naruto)

pain rinnegan when everything is dark“As long as we live in this accursed world of ninja, peace shall never be obtained.”

“As God, I’m the one that shall restore world order.”

“From now on, this world shall know true pain.”

“Feel pain. Contemplate pain. Accept pain. Know pain… Shinra Tensei!” [The jutsu that destroyed Konoha]

Memorable Quotes

“Love and forgiveness can’t be bought just with pretty words.”

“We can’t survive by holding into our morals.”

“The world of shinobi is ruled by hatred.”

“If I don’t kill you, then you’ll only become a burden for me in the future.”

“The embers of war are smoldering everywhere. And we will hold a monopoly on it all.”

“Those who do not know pain will never know what true peace is.”

“I’ll never forget Yahiko’s pain.”

“The actions always comes first. Reasons are left for later.”

Quotes by Nagato

“What about my family. My friends. My village… Does Konoha alone have the right to proclaim peace and justice, after causing this very destruction to my village? How is that justice?”

“We aim for the same thing. We’re trying to bring forth the peace Jiraiya-sensei spoke of. You and I are no different from each other. We are simply driven by our own sense of justice. We are ordinary humans, driven by revenge in the name of justice.”

“I created Akatsuki to stop this endless chain of hatred.”

“Your role is to be a sacrifice for the peace that I’ll create.”

“In order to stop the fighting, I’ll become the God of this world.”

Pain and Naruto quotes“My parents were killed by Konoha shinobi. But Jiraiya-sensei felt a little different than them.”

“I was afraid of my own power… Hatred was driving me crazy. I thought that I’d done something wrong, so I was tormented by feelings of guilt. But Jiraiya saved me from that hell.”

“Yahiko was dead. I became the leader of Akatsuki in his stead.”

“The barely existent peace of the great nations are made possible by the sacrifices of lesser nations like ours. To us, your peace means violence.”

“Just by living, people are hurting others without even realizing it. As long as mankind continues to exist, so will hatred. True peace can’t exist in this cursed world.”

“There’s nothing harder than accepting the death of a loved one.”

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  • Mark2

    Man! The fight with Pain was one of the best battle scenes of Naruto.

  • shane

    Nagato and Naruto are they key to paece without them no one was willing to live free

  • Oduola Habeeb

    Pain could truly bring peace to the ninja world only he chose the wrong way.

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