Ootsutsuki Momoshiki Quotes

Ootsutsuki Momoshiki rinnegan transform qoutes

Fox… you’re next.
“Hmph… You are nothing but inferior life forms after all.”

Naruto: You’re no person… you are just a monster.
Ootsutsuki: Oh the irony. If we’re talking about monsters, then that makes two of us.

“Never had it occurred to me that the form of the chakra we seek would change into that of such a monster.” [Talking about the tailed-beasts]

Intimidating Quotes

“Pay heed… those blue eyes of yours will one day take everything from you. Once someone has defeated a God… they cease to be an ordinary person. That fate… bite down firmly on it and continue to walk the path. O, son of man.” [Ootsutsuki’s prophecy about Boruto’s fate]

“We’re coming for you… just you wait… Fox!”

“Oh? You know about Red Earth? Then in that case, you should be able to comprehend just how marvelous of a thing this is. All you need is Red Earth and instantly, with no work at all… you can acquire true power!”

“I pity you, Fox… even though you have all that power… you have no way of passing it on to your next generation.”

“I see… you have the blood of one with the byakugan mixed within you.”

“Even with the power I possess and the byakugan… I am unable to foresee my own fate… but… I can see your fate quite, quite clearly.”

EDITOR’s NOTE: Ootsutsuki and Otsutsuki are both correct.

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