Mahoutsukai No Yome Quotes

chise looking cute from magus bride quotes18.) “I can forget all of my problems when I’m reading.” – Hatori Chise

17.) “Do something about your misguided common sense!”

16.) “Acquiring knowledge is good, but you need experience as well” – Elias Ainsworth

15.) “I hope I have a book you might like. Or, should I say, a book that likes you?” – Miura Riichi (Magician of The Forest)

14.) “No one worries about me. Auntie left home. It’s all my fault, though… I keep noticing weird things, and it makes Auntie angry.”

13.) [To Chise] “I’m your teacher, you can aske me if you ever want to experiment” – Elias [Editor’s note: that’s what she said.]

12.) [To Chise] “I’m your magic teacher, but you’re my human teacher, aren’t you?” – Elias

11.) [Elias after showing his face] “How is it? Don’t I look handsome? Chivalrous?”
Chise: …
Chise: Somehow it’s fishy.
Elias: What?! That’s cruel…

10.) “Dig deeper, dig deeper, droplet. Forge, forge, steel. Part the gold, cut the mortar, turn with those hands the water wheel of the night. Let what must go flow to where it must be.” -Angelica Varley

9.) “If you ever want to cast away your life, why don’t you try to entrust yourself to someone that desires you?”

8.) [To Chise] “You’re special… no one would treat such an expensive investment poorly. There’s no worry of you being treated as a used toy.”

7.) “Apprentice and bride. Which one should I take seriously…?”

6.) [Riichi] “What’s your name? Mine is Miura Riichi.”
[Chise] “Hatori Chise”
[R] “Hatori Chise. What a beautiful name.”
[Editor’s Note: I decided to include this because I believe that this is the first time that Chise felt appreciated in a very long time since her mother died. You can see from her eyes that she was shocked that someone would find her name beautiful. I love subtles scenes like this because it takes the Anime to another level.]

Chise funny quotes on ancient magus bride5.) “The obvious reason I bought you was to make you my apprentice but… you see, I plan to make you my bride.”

4.) “Chise, you’ve just woken up, but… let’s prepare for the honeymoon.” – Elias “The Pimp” Ainsworth [Editor’s Note: Hey look, I don’t blame my boy Elias for rushing the honeymoon part without even planning the wedding first. Lol.]

3.) “The world follows a set of rules, like a computer program.”

2.) “I love reading the last page of a book more than anything.” – Hatori Chise

1.) [Talking about Elias] “I don’t care if he thinks of me as a toy, and throws me out when he’s bored. It’s because he… even though it was only one time, said to me that I am his family.” – Hatori Chise

English Title: The Ancient Magus’ Bride

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