Kimi No Na Wa Quotes

Taki and Mitsuha at the crater of Itomori, meeting for the first time.Kataware-doki…

“Her name… what was it?”

“Once in a while when I wake up, I find myself crying. The dream I must’ve had I can never recall. But… the sensation that I’ve lost something, lingers for a long time after I wake up.”

“I’m always searching for something, for someone. This feeling has possessed me I think, from that day… That day when the stars came falling.”

“Let me dive into you at unparalleled speed.”

Mitsuha Miyamizu Quotes

“Taki. Taki. Taki. It’s ok. I remember. I’ll never forget! Taki-kun. Taki-kun. Your name is Taki!”

“I hate this town! I hate this life! Please make me a handsome Tokyo boy in my next life!”

“If I suddenly showed up, would I bother him? Surprise him? There’s no way we could meet. But what if we did? What should I do? Would I annoy him? Would it be awkward? Or maybe… He’d be a bit glad to see me?”

“Taki-kun… don’t you remember?”

I love you“I can’t stand this small town anymore. It’s too small and close-knit. I want to graduate and go to Tokyo.”

“It that’s what it is, I’ll strive with grace.”

“At that moment… Did I die?”

“Who am I? No, who are YOU!”

Taki Tachibana Quotes

“Why does the scenery of a town that no longer exists wring my heart so?”

“I wanted to tell you that… Wherever you may end up in this world, I will be searching for you.”

“I feel like I’m always searching for someone, or something.”

taki trying to remember Mitsuha's nameMiki: Hey, is this really the place?
Tsukasa: No way! Taki must be misremembering.
Taki: No I’m sure this is it. This schoolyard. The mountains. I remember this high school clearly!
Tsukasa: That can’t be true! [feeling confused] Surely you remember that disaster that took hundreds of lives 3 years ago!
Taki: Died? Died 3 years ago? That can’t be… I still have the memos that she left behind…

“Your name is Mitsuha. It’s ok I’ll remember. Mitsuha. Mitsuha. Mitsuha. Your name is Mitsuha.
[Attempting to write her name on his palms]
“Who are you? Why did I come here?”
[Remembering again]
“I came to see her. To save her. I wanted her to be alive.”
[Forgetting again]
“Who was it? Who? Who did I come to see?”
[Trying hard to keep the memory]
“Someone dear to me. I don’t want to forget. I shouldn’t forget! But… Who? Who? Who? Who?”
[tears rolling down his face]
“What’s her name?”

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  • Muqries

    Why she touch her own boobs (at the beginning of the film)

    • poraroide

      Because she was switching with the boy that connected with her by something and I’m not trying to spoil. I suggest you, to watch it 🙂 hope you enjoy.

    • Shymin

      It wasn’t her. .

    • Coral Standke

      Taki and Mitsuha switched bodies. Taki was touching Mitsuha’s boobs in her body.

    • Rera

      Because she is Taki not Mitsuha… it was their first time to switch each other~ (sorry for my bad english, i hope you know what i mean)

    • RA

      Because it was Taki who did that

    • Naveen

      Because theirs souls switches when they dream and Taki was in her body when she was touchin her boobs

    • thaidnpct

      Asually I think it’s Mitsuha herself touching her boobs at the beginning. It’s her after the day she had switching to the boy for the first time (which the movie will have a flashback later). You can notice her attitude as a girl not a boy and how surprised she was when she heard her stories the day before.
      She was touching her boobs to ensure that she have switched back to her own female body.

      • resha maeri

        i think it was mitsuha herself & she was touching her boobs because she cant believe she’s back within her own body.

      • Original G

        Incorrect. The first scene, up to where she throws off her nightgown, is Taki (why else would she not remember her name when Yotsuha calls to her and call her boobs “incredibly realistic”?). The film cuts to the next day, as Mitsuha enters the living room, and continues on where she finds out about the day before.

    • Divs Domingo

      It’s Taki

      • Aqua

        It’s Taki. At first, it was rather confusing to put together, but it was the original shift of bodies, with him in hers. Afterwards, following a short cut, it fast forwards to a day ahead, as to… deepen the story and grab the attention of the audience. 🙂

  • Mark2

    Where are they standing? (the one above the clouds).

    • levi wang

      They are standing on top of a mountain

  • kuroshino

    taki-kun dont cry 🙁

  • Karasawa

    I cant talk anymore after i watch the movie….

  • Jo

    This movie has got me so much i watched it 3 times in a row, and still can’t believe how, but i want to watch it again…

  • Phoebe

    This movie has recently become my new obsession ahhhhhh

  • Kaylie

    Yes, it is true that it was Taki. It was confirmed when the next morning, Yotsuha told her that she was indeed touching her breasts the morning before. She said that she had gone nuts, much to Mitsuha’s confusion.

  • Mothilran

    nice n heart touching movie

  • Weaboos

    Weaboos party is on fire here god damn

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