Kakashi Hatake Quotes

hatake kakashi the lightning ninja of konoha quotes16.) “I am the lightning.”

15.) “The void within a person’s heart can only be filled by the people close to them.”

14.) “I will die for Konoha.”

13.) “A ninja must see underneath the underneath.”

12.) [to Naruto] “I believe that you’re the only one who can surpass the 4th Hokage.”

11.) [to Sasuke] “As long as a person doesn’t stop trying, he can still be saved.”

10.) “They say that the nail that sticks up is the nail that gets hammered down.”

9.) “Don’t worry, I’ll defend my team even if it kills me. I won’t let my friends perish.”

8.) “The people who don’t value their own friends are lower than scum.”

7.) “The future generation will always rise above the previous one. It is one of the many never-ending cycles in life.”

6.) “We live in the shadows. We are the nameless protectors of the oppressed.” [ Editor’s note: Uhmm… You’re not nameless, you’re a ninja. Lol. Just kidding, Kakashi. Luv ya! ]

5.) “In society, individuals who don’t have much ability has a tendency to complain more.”

4.) “You won’t be able to open the mind of another, if you do not have an open mind.”

3.) “To understand what is right but decide to neglect it, is the action of a coward.”

2.) “I’m teaching you this because you don’t get it. You assume that you get it, which isn’t the same as actually getting it. Get it?”

1.) “I inherited this eye from my friend… my comrade… my brother.”

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