Gaara Quotes

gaara being consumed by sand quotes15.) “I am not your salvation.”

14.) “Ninjas from the Hidden Village of the Sand aren’t trained to save, we are trained to kill.”

13.) “I am one with the sand. I am everywhere.”

12.) “Killing is the only thing I know. And I’m really good at it.”

11.) “Desert Coffin!” [sabaku sousou]

10.) “I’ll kill everyone. I don’t care if you are my comrade, if you get in my way, I will kill you.”

9.) “Cut the chatter. Let’s fight.”

8.) “There… isn’t enough… blood.”

7.) “You don’t get to order ME around.”

6.) “I fight only for myself.”

5.) “I’ll make a rain of blood fall from the heavens.”

4.) “I don’t need anyone. I am strong. And being strong means you don’t have to rely on any other than yourself!”

3.) “There was no pain. Because there was no time to even feel it. The tears and blood of the dead mixes with an endless quicksand.”

2.) [To Sasuke] “You have same eyes as I have… eyes that seek power and are filled with hate and murderous intent.”

1.) “Naruto, what kind of Ninja are you? I want to be like you… I want to be surrounded by friends – by loved ones… Naruto, I… I… envy you.”

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