Boruto Uzumaki Quotes

boruto ninja quotes inspirationalI never intended on staying an ordinary person to begin with. After all… I am… a ninja.

“My talent is on a completely different level than that old dad of mine!”

“I don’t give a damn about fate or curses. Whatever’s gonna try to stop me from my ninja way, go ahead and give me your best shot!”

“I’ll defeat my dad one day! With my own power!”

Memorable Quotes

Sarada: Hey! Boruto… are you really going to become Hokage, too…?
Boruto: Me…? Hokage?
S: …
B: [Grins] I don’t think so!
S: Huh?
B: You’re the one that’s gonna become Hokage, right? In that case, I’ll play the support role! And do whatever it takes to protect you!
S: [Gushes like her mother used to do 😉 ]
B: To me, Hokage is nothing more than a rail. Since both my Grandpa and my Dad were Hokage… I don’t want to end up walking the same path as them.
S: …
B: What I’m aiming for… Sarada… is to become a ninja like your dad! I’m gonna do this according to my own ninja way!
“When you do have time, instead of lecturing me… I want to hear your stories from when you were young.” [Boruto finally realizing that his Dad is uber cool]

Boruto: Why am I practicing with a water ballon? There should be something more efficient than this!
Konohamaru: The Fourth, or in other words, your grandfather, took three years to develop this jutsu… And from there it took him approximately half a year to master it! The degree of rasengan’s difficulty is A. Did you really expect it to be so easy?

Life Quotes

“You can go become whatever you want, but if you really wanna become Hokage, you better be sure you don’t have any family or friends! Because the only thing a person close to the Hokage gets is a handful of nothing…”

Naruto: You are not qualified to be a ninja. I’ll talk to you later. [When Naruto found out that Boruto cheated during the chuunin exams]
Boruto: Later?! You’ll talk to me later?! Do you actually have that kind of time, Dad?! If you had talked to me and taught me in the first place… then things would have never come to this!

boruto shouting to naruto“Dad, you had this kind of power…?!” [Boruto for the first time, seeing his father’s Sage Mode]

“So my grandfather was Hokage too… and when my dad was a kid, grandpa wasn’t a part of this world any longer! Which means my dad went through his whole life without ever knowing the joy of a family and his parents!”

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