Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Quotes

boruto drinking his soda quotes“I’ll walk my own path.”

“Let me just tell you this right off the bat. This isn’t the story of a boy aspiring to be Hokage. That was my father’s story.”

“The Hidden Leaf Village is getting more and more modern.”

“Fighting isn’t the only duty of a ninja.”

Boruto Uzumaki Quotes

“This is my story!”

“Yes. I am a Ninja, but there was a time where I held a deep resentment towards Ninjas.”

“Staying on the tracks is not for us!”

“Whatever path I choose, It’s got nothing to do with my father.”

“To think that you’d be this strong… Kawaki!”

“Dad can just mind his own business.”

“My stupid old man thinks only about work and ignores his family.”

“Mom’s different! She’s really scary when she gets mad!”

“You don’t need his approval! You can’t do anything without worrying about how people would take it? Learn to make your own damn decisions!”

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Mitsuki Quotes

“As expected of the 7th Hokage’s son, and the 4th Hokage’s grandson… It seems Boruto is destined to become the Hokage.”

“It’s actually popular opinion that Sasuke-san is the only Ninja to ever hold their own against the 7th Hokage.”

Sarada Uchiha
“My dream is to become Hokage!! If you stand in the way of that, so help me God…”

Sasuke Uchiha
“The true nature of a Ninja never changes… No matter how the tides may shift…”

Sasuke: I ran into your kid. He’s the spitting image of you when you were that age.
Naruto: He’s nothing like me at all… He’s far more similar to you.

Naruto Uzumaki

“The important thing is to pass down our legacies properly.”

“The Chuunin Exam is not a show. It’s a place of growth for Ninjas.”

Boruto: We better not be talking to one of your clones, Dad!
Naruto: This is the Hokage Office… I wouldn’t dare… And no “Dad” in here, use “Hokage” or “7th”

Hinata Uzumaki Quotes

boruto naruto the next generations quotes“Your situation… It’s night and day compared to what your father went through! He has always been there for you.”

“I got to know your father at the Academy. He was always causing trouble, so people treated him like a problem child. But he was actually very cool.”

“This village is safe because your father and the other ninjas protect it.”

“Your father he… he just puts the village’s needs before his own. He’s not neglecting the two of you on purpose, understand?”

Shikadai Nara Quotes

“Well, you see… life is like this train, as long as it stays on its tracks, it’ll get to its destination eventually.”

“There’s a lot of stuff to get ready from. Don’t you know that?”

Denki Quotes
“I don’t have that kind of strength. I’m not like you, Boruto.”

“You guys are so simple…”

“I’m going to prove to my father that I’m strong.”

“I’m going to study ninjutsu and try to incorporate it with machinery and science.”

Kawaki Quotes

“The age of shinobi is over.”

“I’ll be sending you to meet the Seventh Hokage, Boruto.”

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