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eren and the titan in the jungleConnie: I don’t really get what the Commander just said. It’s not because I’m stupid, right?
Ymir: Shut up, stupid.

Hange Zoe: I wonder what kind of Titans I’ll see this time?! I’d really love to see some abnormal ones!
Levi Ackerman: [looking at her] I can see an abnormal already.

Eren: [running after the bullies] Hey, they ran away after seeing me!
Armin: No, they ran away after seeing Mikasa.

“Her reaction when the Commander told her to run until she’s dropped was nothing compared to when he told her she’s not getting any food. [Eren and Armin talking about Sasha Blouse]”

Funny Quotes

Keith Shadis (Head Instructor): [Peeking through the door of the cafeteria] I thought I just heard some kind of loud noise. Someone care to enlighten me as to what’s going on?
Mikasa: Sasha just ripped a giant fart, sir.
Sasha Blouse: [gasps in horror]
K: You again?
S: [gasps in even more horror]
K: Learn some self-control!
Everybody: [Trying hard not to burst out with laughter]

Jean Kirstein: I never thought I’d hear you make an intelligent comment, Connie.

Connie Springer: But can we really kill the Titans without our 3D Manuever Gear?
Reiner Braun: Sure we can. We’re only up against 3 to 4 meter class ones. It’s easy to target their weak spot.
C: Who cares how big they are? It’s always the spot at the nape of their necks…
Sasha: Length – 1 vertical meter. Width – 10 centimeters!
R: [pointing his blade upward] Or just ram your blade up their assholes. That’s their only other weak spot.
C: What?! I’ve never heard of that move!
S: [looking amazed] First time I’ve heard about it too!
Jean: Reiner, those might just be your last words.

Random Peasant: The main force of the Reco Corps is here! and look! There’s Commander Levy! They say he alone counts for a full unit!
Levi Ackerman: Can they shut up?
Hange Zoe: I bet they wouldn’t worship you so much if they knew what an obsessive clean freak you are!

Jean: Armin, you always stuck to Eren like glue, so I thought you were a creep, but I knew you were a capable guy.
Armin: Oh, thanks. But “creep” is a bit mean…

Levi Ackerman Quotes

“I believe pain is the best way to train someone.”

“Choose for yourself whichever decision you’ll regret the least.”

“I don’t know… I never have. I can believe in my own abilities or the choices of companions I trust. But no one ever knows how it will turn out.”

“People say you only truly become a full member of the Survey Corps after making it back alive from a mission.”

“You have the responsibility to ensure their deaths will not be in vain.”

“I can tell. He’s a real monster. [Talking about Eren] and it has nothing to do with his Titan power. No matter what power you use to suppress him, no matter what cage you put him in, he will never submit to anyone.”

“If we are to outwit our enemies, we need to think outside the box.”

Armin Arlert Quotes

“A person who cannot sacrifice everything won’t be able to change anything.”

“On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the Titans, and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls.”

“You’re beating me up because you know that I’m right and you can’t prove me wrong! Doesn’t that mean you’ve admitted that you’re wrong?”

“I’d rather die than live as a burden.”

“Their desire for vengeance may have been fulfilled, but it’s a blow to humanity.”

“She didn’t kill to consume, but for the sake of killing.”

“Clueless people will push mankind down the path of extinction.”

“I don’t care if I die, if it means that I could be useful in bringing humanity one step closer outside of these walls – free.”

“I can stand up by myself!”


“When people see soldiers fighting, they know something bad happened. Everyone’s much happier when we’re doing nothing and getting called useless freeloaders. I don’t mind. It just means that we are at a time of peace.”

Grisha Jaeger

“Nothing can surpass a human’s curiosity.”

Dot Pixis Quotes

“We must struggle to our very last breaths.”

They say that before the Titans took control of the land, men were endlessly fighting and killing each other over their differing loyalties and beliefs. Back then, someone supposedly said: “If a powerful external enemy threatened mankind, humanity would probably unite and stop fighting themselves”

“Eren, you’re just like me. Your opinion’s quite twisted.”

“We didn’t lose them. The soldiers didn’t just die on their own. I sent them to their deaths on my orders. This is a critical point in mankind’s survival. If it means mankind will live on, I don’t mind being called a murderer.”

Plot And Summary

Shingeki No Kyojin or Attack on Titan is a Japanese anime about giants feeding on humans. These oblivious man-eating beasts are known as the Titans. Humans and giants cannot co-exist in a world like this, that is why in defense, a lot of human retreated to create their own fear-bound community surrounded by walls to keep them safe from the Titans. These walls are Maria, Rose and Sina.

Humans lived in peace within the walls not until a “Colossal” Titan attacked and destroyed the gate beyond the walls, making way for smaller Titans to get in. Being able to lay eyes on first hand Titan attacks, young and brave Eren Jaeger, along with other young people vowed to terminate all Titans from their hideous moves. Mikasa, her sister and young Armin will be his ally along the way as they form front to fulfill this vision.

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